Wiltshire Substance Misuse Service Trowbridge

Providing support for individuals where ever they may be

WSMS is your integrated community drug and alcohol recovery service for adults aged 18yrs and over; WSMS provides service across the county of Wiltshire. 

What we do

Here at the Wiltshire Substance Misuse Service our aim is to help and support you to think about your drug and/or alcohol use and the changes you would like to make.  The service will help you think about these changes and support you in putting together a tailored action plan which will seek to incorporate a range of interventions on offer at the service, as well as thinking about those other agencies that can provide you with support in the wider community.  The service recognises that different interventions are required at different stages of recovery and so we aim to work with you from end to end, providing all necessary interventions from each of our three offices.  We also recognise that to give people the best chance of recovery, we need to provide you with extra support both in service and out of service. At WSMS we have a team of peer mentors who can support you through some of the trickier times in recovery and we work in close partnership with another local peer support service known as the Wiltshire Addiction Support Project (WASP), who can provide this support both in and out of the service.


Who we support

We offer support to adults ages 18 years and over who are experiencing drug and/or alcohol problems; this includes over the counter medications, legal highs and use of prescription medications.  We aim to work with individuals to support them to reduce or stop their use as well as minimising the harmful effects associated with drug and/or alcohol use.  We know that change can be difficult and we are here to support individuals even when their situation is complicated and uncomfortable.


What we offer

We offer a wide range of interventions which are selected with an individual to work collectively to support and facilitate change; these interventions include:

  • Three phase structured group work programme
  • Substitute prescribing    
  • Community based detoxification programmes
  • Counselling
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Structured one to one work
  • Blood Bourne Virus testing & vaccination
  • Access to residential treatment
  • Guided self-help programmes
  • Access to online resources & tools to support recovery
  • Parenting course

In addition to these interventions we also offer referral and support with accessing education, employment, training and housing.

Once your treatment is complete with us and you have achieved your goals, you have the opportunity to complete a Peer Mentoring course with us and work back in the service promoting recovery and supporting others just coming into treatment.