Smithfield Residential Detoxification Service

Welcome to Smithfield

The Smithfield Service is located in the heart of Manchester City Centre and has been delivering inpatient detoxifications since 1993.

Smithfield Service gave me the time to heal and learn to believe in my potential. I constantly recommend Smithfield to others because I'm so confident in the excellent service.

What we do

Smithfield is a purpose built 22 bed specialist inpatient treatment unit located in Manchester City Centre. The service provides Psychosocial Interventions (PSI) alongside a range of medically managed drug and alcohol detoxifications in a clinically safe and supportive environment. All treatment programmes are flexible and tailored to individual needs and outcomes to support a person’s sustained recovery from addiction.

Who we can support

We support both men and women who have an alcohol and/or drug dependence who require in-patient care and support. We accept a wide range of service users including:

  • Schedule 1 Offenders
  • Chaotic service users with complex needs
  • Service users with pre-existing diagnosed mental health conditions.

We also offer support to their families, friends and carers.

Our services include

  • Clear and comprehensive assessment and admission processes
  • Guaranteed admission within 21 days of receipt of referral
  • Pre-detox preparatory work
  • An on-site Consultant Psychiatrist
  • 24-hour experienced nurse-led support
  • Culture of support, empathy and non-judgmental care
  • Accredited ‘Food for the Brain’ catering service
  • Group Programme twice daily
  • Access to peer and mutual aid groups
  • Family Support
  • Peer Mentoring Scheme
  • One-to-one key working sessions
  • Effective multi-agency working throughout a service user’s treatment journey 

Here are the reasons to consider us

  • Continuous support: We go the extra mile to work with you before, during and after placement.
  • Person centred support: There is no one journey through a rehab placement – we get to know you and help you focus on the goals that you want to reach.
  • Personal resources: Together we can uncover the resources you possess to support you with your recovery e.g. family relationships and self determination.
  • Inspiring independence and community engagement: Our rehabs are a safe environment where you can practice independent living, free of substances and engage with the community around you.

Detox and Rehab services