Sheffield Rough Sleepers Service

Turning Point Rough Sleeper Service is the lead third sector agency involved in tackling rough sleeping in Sheffield.

I had been sleeping rough for almost a year before the Rough Sleeper Service helped me get a place at a supported accommodation project. Now that I've got somewhere to live, I can work on rebuilding my life.

What we do

In addition to assisting all statutorily homeless people, the service's main focus is to secure permanent accommodation for people sleeping rough and to provide assistance to those at immediate risk of becoming homeless.

Who we can support

Our service is available to all couples or individuals who have no dependent children and who are sleeping rough, or at immediate risk of doing so and who are over the age of 18.

Our services include

  • Helping develop life skills, including managing your finances
  • Supporting you to maintain your tenancy
  • Access to community services, employment, and education
  • Helping clients remain safe and healthy
  • Supporting your family
  • Developing personal interests