Peer Mentoring

The Peer mentoring scheme is part of a pan-Wales European Social Funded (ESF) initiative, designed to help those with substance misuse problems develop skills and confidence in order to achieve economic independence.

Turning Point has helped me put my life back together. Now I’m almost ready to get back into the real world.

What we do

This project utilises Peer Mentors, they:

  • Can help and support you to make a positive change in your life
  • Understand what you are going through
  • Can be with you when you can take those first steps and face new experience
  • Give you on-going support even when you're not with a treatment service
  • Help you to access training and education and support you to enter voluntary work and employment
  • Can support you to become a mentor

Who we can support

We support adults (16+) who have had or do have a drug or alcohol problem, or those affected by a drug or alcohol problem in Carmarthenshire.

Our services include

  • Advice and on-going support to enter training, education and paid employment
  • Supporting with relapse prevention
  • Support to build confidence and self esteem
  • Access to volunteering
  • Learning new skills
  • The opportunity to become a peer mentor