Turning Point supports Nursing Associate plans

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In December 2015, the Government announced a plan to create a new nursing support role.

Health Education England (HEE) said that there was 'real appetite' for the role following a consultation, and has announced that 1,000 students will start training for the new role in January 2017 across test sites.

The new role is expected to work alongside care assistants and registered nurses to deliver hands-on care, focusing on ensuring patients continue to get the compassionate care they deserve. This new role has the potential to transform the nursing and care workforce and making sure the role has a clear entry and progression point will be crucial in its development.

Ishbel Straker, Head of Nursing for Substance Misuse at Turning Point said: 'We very much welcome this new role which would enable a shift in the responsibilities of a registered nurse, allowing them to work in a more skilled or specialised manner. My hope is that in order to achieve, sustain and properly recognise this position, the role is regulated by a governing body with very clear and specified responsibilities that are universal and therefore cannot be undermined locally.'

Turning Point responded to this consultation in support of the role usefully bridging the gap between the health and social care sectors, but emphasised the need for real accountability of the role, as well as a clear competency framework being in place.

Turning Point currently employs over 150 nurses across the organisation.