Turning Point responds to Jeremy Hunt’s speech, ‘Primary Care and the Modern family doctor’

News item posted: 19 June 2017

In response to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt's speech, 'Primary Care and the Modern family doctor', Beverley Priest, Turning Point's Managing Director for Primary Care services said;

"The idea that GPs should be 'champions' for their patients, rather than 'a gateway to the system', is hugely important.

In 2011, we opened the Earls Court Health and Wellbeing Centre, an NHS centre which combines sexual health, dentistry, wellbeing services and general practice. At the heart of the specialist clinicians and practitioners are trained Navigators, who greet people at reception, work across all the services and are adept at signposting patients to the services they need, whether physical, social or psychological.

The Health Secretary makes it clear that more proactive and integrated primary care does 'not mean mandating a single model for primary care from the centre and rolling it out irrespective of local circumstances'. The service at Earls Court was developed in response to research conducted through our 'Connected Care' model which works directly with commissioners and communities to co-design health and social care services based on local need.

If we want to see the development of primary care services which genuinely support the needs of patients we need to make this co-production between communities and commissioners the norm rather than the exception."