Turning Point marks World Suicide Prevention Week

News item posted: 11 September 2017

To mark World Suicide Prevention Week, Turning Point’s Managing Director for Mental Health, John Campbell said:

“Statistics show that suicide rates are worsening year-on-year. This is a crisis that must be addressed now before more people take their own lives, where all they may need is support to be given the tools to manage a mental health crisis.

“At Turning Point we are witnessing this trend first-hand, especially as funding cuts are beginning to take effect on mental health services. A particularly worrying trend is the rise in suicide rates amongst middle-aged men. Samaritans’ statistics have shown that the highest suicide rate in the UK is by men aged 40–44, which might partly be explained by the lack of support networks they have access to. This reiterates the importance of mental health services and how crucial they are to saving lives.

“Turning Point provides mental health services across England, including crisis services in Manchester, Leicester, Nottingham and Hastings. For more information, visit the Turning Point website /.”