Mental Health Awareness Week: Mary's story

News item posted: 19 June 2017

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Taking place from 16th–22nd May, the week inspires debate and discussion on a particular theme, and this year the focus is on relationships.

Healthy and supportive relationships are key to good mental health, as our Managing Director of Mental Health, John Campbell, pointed out on Monday.

This week’s theme aims to celebrate the people and connections in our lives that add to our wellbeing and help us thrive.

We wanted to highlight some of the stories from people who are supported by Turning Point mental health services. We spoke to Mary, who was keen to share the importance of her relationship with her daughter who, she says, has always been there for her.

Mary told us how simple things like her daughter picking up medication for her made a real difference to her wellbeing.

Mary said: ‘Going through the difficult times has made our relationship stronger. My daughter and I are now the closest we have ever been. It is the small things that keep me going, like calling each other regularly and going shopping together.’

Mary’s relationship with her daughter demonstrates the bond people can have that can keep someone afloat when they are experiencing mental health issues. Whether that’s emotional support or practical support – both make a real difference to day to day life.

Through her daughter, Mary has established a strong bond with her grandchildren and always looks forward to spending time with them. She said: ‘I look after my mental health not only for myself, but also for my family.’

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