Lord Victor Adebowale responds to the Thriving at Work report

News item posted: 26 October 2017

Lord Victor Adebowale, CEO of health and social care organisation Turning Point, said:

“The Thriving at Work report released today shows that an astonishingly high number of people leave their jobs due to mental health problems. This is not only unacceptable, but entirely preventable too.

“Employers lose £42bn every year due to the effects of poor mental health – an unnecessarily large amount when considering the support that people should be offered as highlighted in the report.

“Mental health support outside of the workplace can equip people with the necessary tools for overcoming mental health problems. Turning Point provides Talking Therapies services to support people with common mental health problems such as stress and anxiety which can lead to people feeling overwhelmed at work and ultimately unable to do their job. Our mental health crisis services are also crucial so that people can get through a crisis and are able to get back into work.

“This report makes an important call to action around our attitudes to work and mental health, and what we need to do differently.”