Lord Victor Adebowale addresses E-Health conference

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Yesterday (19 April 2016) Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, Chief Executive of Turning Point and NHS England Non-Executive Director, spoke at the UK E-Health Week conference on the opportunities and challenges of the digital revolution.

He referred to developments by NHS England to widen digital participation and Turning Point’s integration of digital solutions into the delivering of their services.

Reflecting on day one of the conference, Lord Adebowale told delegates that the majority of the population have access to computers, are looking to engage their GPs digitally and seek support online through the increasing number of tools, apps and channels available to them. There are, however, people at ‘the sharp end of the inverse care law’ – those who need support the most but receive the least - who are at particular risk of being further disenfranchised from services if technology becomes a barrier, rather than enabler of access.

As part of his speech he said that: ‘Technology is about engagement, connectivity and relationships…We need to use tech positively and co-produce the means of enhancing relationships and communication to improve health outcomes for everyone.’

To find out more about Victor’s key note speech visit: http://hitcentral.eu/british-journal-healthcare-computing/future-e-health-huge-responsibility-says-lord-victor-adebowale