Lord Adebowale on the potential of young people

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Lord Adebowale has helped to highlight the potential of young people today in an article written for Children and Young People Now.

Talking about the important role young people can take in inspiring young people's services, Lord Adebowale cites a number of services across the country that are benefiting from being 'led' by the young people they are aiming to engage. Lord Adebowale used the example of Urban Development in Stratford, East London, saying that the service is "not so much youth-focused, as youth-led and inspired by young people". Across the country, services like these facilitate the positive expression of young people's talents to improve the communities they live in. This is especially true within Turning Point's Connected Care project in Hartlepool, mentioned by Lord Adebowale in the article. To read the full article please visit the CYPN website here, or to find out more about Connected Care please click here.