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Press Releases

20 March 2015

Turning Point in Wakefield offers help for troubled sleepers.

As well as the benefits of better sleep for mental health, there are many known benefits for physical health, including reduced risk of weight gain and diabetes. The help that Rightsteps can offer is based around easy, accessible tips that can help people to get a better night's rest. Allan...
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19 March 2015 | Substance Misuse

Turning Point Operations Director Darren Woodward addresses summit on drug and alcohol services

The focus of his talk was integrated public health services, and particularly how drug and alcohol services can act as more effective elements of an integrated public health system. 70% of people who access Turning Point's substance misuse services have a diagnosed mental health issue, which may have as much,...
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12 March 2015 | Substance Misuse

Turning Point working with recreational drug users at Kent University

The service runs a drop-in clinic at the University campus, and attends Freshers' week as well as other student events throughout the year, to make sure that students are aware of the support that is available to them, and that they know how to access it, should that be...
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04 March 2015

Turning Point’s substance misuse teams help to tackle legal highs in the community

The dangers posed by 'Legal highs' or New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) are often less well-known than the risks of common illegal substances. This means that it can be more difficult for professionals to offer the right kind of support to those affected by them. Many users of NPS do...
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