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Press Releases

29 January 2015 | Learning Disability

Fiona Ritchie, Managing Director for Learning Disability Services at Turning Point, responded to the publication of the government’s report ‘Winterbourne View: Transforming Care Two Years On’

"It's great to see so much emphasis on the involvement of people with learning disabilities, as well as their families and carers. However, we must make sure that we continue to focus on support rather than care, and the need to let those with learning disabilities take control of...
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20 January 2015 | Substance Misuse

Lord Victor Adebowale, Chief Executive of Turning Point, responds to Nick Clegg’s announcement of a new programme to improve mental health care provision in the UK.

"The Deputy Prime Minister's call to address stigma is also important, and an issue that everyone can help tackle. A willingness to discuss suicidal feelings and other mental health challenges does a huge amount to reduce the stigma that makes life harder for those experiencing mental ill-health, and which...
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09 January 2015

Turning Point showcases work with community services to tackle alcohol misuse in East Kent

Attendees included representatives from the fire and ambulance services, A and E staff from the NHS in Kent, and representatives of the local authority, as well as local media. Together they were able to provide a comprehensive overview of the impact of alcohol misuse on the community. Turning Point's...
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02 January 2015

Turning Point Chief Executive calls for ‘New Resolution’ in mental health crisis care.

In his article, Victor also calls for better preventative care and support for those suffering from mental health issues, and calls for better resources, as well as further integration with primary care services. Victor's article supports Turning Point's involvement with the Crisis Care Concordat, which will continue in 2015. The...
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