Medway Active Recovery Service

Medway Active Recovery Service (MARS) is an integrated drug and alcohol recovery service, with locations in Gillingham and Chatham.

MARS is dedicated to showing there is a way out of drug and alcohol dependency and encouraging Medway service users to achieve their individual potential.

We look at the whole person and provide a structured and supportive route through treatment and beyond into abstinence and sustainable recovery. We offer ambition, hope and belief in improving service users' lives through our active approach in providing individual treatment.

Improving Health

MARS offers a range of services that supports the individual in achieving their treatment goals including:

  • A thorough whole person assessment that identifies any complex needs
  • A specialist medical team providing substitute prescribing options and community detox
  • Support to access inpatient and community detoxification and rehabilitation services
  • In house and pharmacy based needle exchanges across Medway
  • An innovative and exciting recovery academy

Improving Wellbeing

We also deliver wellbeing support and aftercare which are crucial elements in affirming long-term recovery. At MARS we:

  • Support in managing relationships between your  friends and family and building support networks
  • Housing support and information
  • Support to engage with meaningful education, training and employment
  • Signposting to community-based services
  • Peer led support sessions